• Karen McGeehan

    Karen McGeehan is a certified nutritionist and certified lifestyle educator. She is referred to as a 'functional nutritionist' because of her training in and application of functional medicine. Additionally, she has worked for many years with naturopaths and chiropractors to give her a broader scope of the human body. With a background in education, including a master's degree, she thoroughly enjoys delving into the 'why' of what's going on in people's bodies. Knowing the 'why' of one's body function helps with the motivation to stick to a plan. She recognizes the role stress plays in the body and is able to test for its deregulation.

    Karen works with people experiencing many issues. Some of these issues include: cleansing/detoxification, digestive health, emotional eating, weight loss, thyroid health, quality sleep, pain and inflammation, immune issues, brain chemistry, diabetes, autoimmune conditions, balancing female and male hormones.

    Karen operates on the principle that 'The body can heal itself if the obstacles of interference are removed and the appropriate raw materials, lifestyle factors and beliefs are implemented.'

    Our less than holistic environments, stress levels and fast-food often leave us depleted. Unfortunately, illness often becomes our usual means of motivation for our desire to achieve wellness and vitality. Karen understands and addresses these common issues and recommends a custom program.

    It is never too late!

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I have only been to a chiropractor once in my life so moving to a new plan and having to find one was scary . Also my roommate hurt her back and she had never been to one . So we went here and the professional friendly environment was wonderful. I already feel better after one visit and I feel excited about continuing to improve my health and encouraged. I highly recommend these Dr’s and facility.
    LuAnn Hood"
    LuaAnn Elesky H.
  • "Dr. Emmert and everyone at Family Chiropractic is so good about meeting you where you are to address your chiropractic needs. I’ve had a very hectic schedule of late and they have consistently worked with me to make sure I receive care. Excellent folks!"
    Sophie G.