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    Jeanene W.
    Massage Therapist

    Jeanene is a licensed massage therapist and licensed Chiropractic assistant with a lifelong passion for exercise, nutrition, and sports fitness. 

    She is an Oregon State University graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sports Science and completed her massage training at the East West School of Massage. She specializes in deep tissue therapeutic massage using Swedish Massage, trigger point therapy and cupping. 

    “As an athlete, I’ve learned the value of massage in reducing muscle tension while promoting greater flexibility and range of motion.  As a massage therapist, I truly enjoy caring for people and educating them on the many benefits that massage has to offer including; improving muscle tone and blood circulation, reducing stress and tension, and improving one’s health and wellness overall.”  
    On her days off, Jeanene likes to spend time with her family and friends. She has many interests outside of the clinic, some of which are reading, listening to music, playing golf and trips to the beach.


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